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The voice of feare

Deep inside small voice is calling

“Hear me” is he crying

But I am deaf to it and I refuse to hear

The hated voice of my own fear


Fear has been blocking me for years

Such wrong believes, whispered in my ears

“Your dreams cannot become true”,

Fear was saying, “because I am in you”


One day it took and I awoke from fear

A friendly Angel came,  so dear

He gave me strength and pointed the light

The way I’ll follow is already bright

Science Vs Philosophy

by Tatiana Velitchkov © 2009

In the world today, almost everything that occurs around us has to have a scientific explanation or a philosophical one for that matter. It would seem that science and philosophy are always at loggerheads. Depending on the worldview they favor, people will always explain things either from a scientific or philosophical point of view. When you use your brain to reason out something, the answer you come up with can be said to be scientific. If on the other hand you use your heart, then the explanation will be philosophical. It is important to understand the difference between science and philosophy.

Whereas science remains the same to a lot of people, everyone has his or her own philosophy about almost everything. For instance, no one doubts the scientific explanation about the force of gravity. It can be said that science is what unifies humankind, but it is philosophy that differentiate people from each other. You cannot classify philosophy, or claim that one is superior to the other – all philosophies are way beyond basic comparisons for each is unique in its own way.
Conflict between science and philosophy has been there for a very long time. Long before scientific explanations became known and acceptable, the world was ruled by philosophy. Philosophers of the old used to use rationalism or deductive knowledge to expound their ideas. Then science came with its experiments and facts, and it forever changed how people viewed the world.

Neither science nor philosophy alone can answer all questions. The two have to be used together to form answers that are logical, none is superior to the other. Science has been used, especially by religious groups to prove what was previously known only through philosophical arguments. It is true then to say that philosophy sets the stage for science. People who try to distance themselves from philosophy always find themselves thrown into other philosophies even without their knowledge. Those who try to ignore proof of what the world is actually like and instead hold on to what they think the world should be often seem like they are totally disconnected from reality.

People should understand that science tries to tell the facts of the universe; philosophy helps in the interpretation of those facts. This explains how the two compliment each other. The different ways we interpret scientific facts also explain how come we are all so different. Our philosophies make us so.


© Tatiana Velitchkov

About the Author:

Tatiana is the owner of the Nanotechnology site
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Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering & Robotics – Doomsday or Miracle?

Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering & Robotics – Doomsday or Miracle?
by Tatiana Velitchkov  © 2007

Advances in nanotechnology have proven that incredible progress is not only possible today and in the future, it is pretty well inevitable. Fantastic advances in nanotechnologic medical research have resulted in life saving techniques that were unheard of even a decade ago.

Genetic engineering research and development provides a means of revolutionizing agricultural output by enhancing crop yields while encouraging a decrease in the necessity for pesticides.  It also holds out a promise of attaining newer, improved species of plants and animals, the ability to someday replace or supplement reproduction with cloning and the hope that cures will be developed for many fatal and debilitating diseases, which can only result in increased life spans and improved quality of life.

Robotic engineers firmly believe that development of a truly intelligent machine that is capable of performing most tasks better than humans will be perfected within our lifetime.  They envision a time when a highly organized system of machines will perform all tasks with little or no human input.

It is not hard to imagine the revolutionary advancements that are possible if nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics combine their expertise in future technological advancements. Either the result will be a utopian world free of disease or pestilence or a jumbled chaos of grey goo and confusion.

Regardless of the outcome, it is inevitable that the future holds profound changes because of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics, whether the accomplishments are made on their own or as a result of a coordinated effort.  Along with the imminent progression, however, we must also be aware of the philosophical, moral and ethical issues that will come about as a result of biological change.

In addition to the potential threat from the unleashed power of nanotechnology based scientific advancements, there is also the promise of an improved future for mankind and the world in which he dwells.  The line of demarcation is thin and easily crossed and therefore great care and planning must go hand in hand with technological advances.

Naysayers are quick to point out the many pitfalls of unbridled nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics research and implementation; however, to the chagrin of futurists, these non-progressive individuals fail to fully conceive of the many benefits these scientific advancements can and will provide.  Progressive thinkers are quick to embrace the very real possibility of incredibly low-cost solar power, cures for debilitating disease via intensification of the human immune system, the ability to clean up our environment and the overall improvement of human existence that is not only possible but entirely plausible in the very near future because of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics.

So, are nanotechnology, genetic engineering and robotics to be feared as an impending doomsday event or should they be embraced as miracles of the future?  Only by carefully reviewing the past while embracing the future will we be able to tell.  After all, if we are willing to build an artificial brain, we must be willing to construct one that is able to see what we cannot.

© Tatiana Velitchkov

About the Author:

Tatiana is the owner of the Nanotechnology site
and runs among many other sites

Nanotechnology meets Metaphysics

By Tatiana Velitchkov,  © 2007

Metaphysics is a division of philosophy whose aim is to explain the nature of the world.  Basically a study of substance, metaphysics refers to themes that go beyond the physical world.

Metaphysicians interested in getting to the bottom of issues regarding universals or particulars are devoted to analyzing the character of objects and their properties and, more specifically, the underlying mutual relationship between them.

Metaphysics is a philosophy that theorizes on the way the world could have been which is why it is sometimes referred to as the science of illusion. Metaphysical theories, although not written off as meaningless, are however viewed by some as non-verifiable because there is no definite method of attesting as to whether they are true or false.

Although many metaphysicians believe properties are abstract objects whose existences are beyond space and time, some are convinced that particulars are actually comprised of a collection of properties.  Based on this evaluation it is sometimes easy to understand why, historically, metaphysics is often condemned as a futile and excessively vague concept.

Nanotechnology, on the other hand, is a science whose foundation is based on fact. Credited with the scientific application of constructing functional and sometimes powerful devices by manipulating single atoms until they are molecularly sized, nanotechnology has a proven connectivity to advancements in manufacturing, computers and medical technology.

So, how exactly how does one correlate the philosophy of metaphysics with the science of nanotechnology?  Because scientifically nanotechnology is still in its infancy, its awesome potential power is still largely based on conjecture.  Admittedly, the basis for further advancement of this technology is well established in the existence of molecular sized robotics; still, the potential breakthroughs in nanotechnology have yet to be proven as a contributing factor or a detrimental threat to future societies. Rather than focusing on the world as it could have been, proponents of nanotechnology are intent on establishing proof of the way the world will be when this science is perfected.

Metaphysicians have long suffered attacks because others perceive their dogma as having no apparent access to real knowledge; yet nanotechnology, while decidedly advancing in its development is, nevertheless, unable to lay claim to absolute knowledge.

Human perceptions are based on a combination of reality and its interpretation of reality.  As previously established scientific truths and laws disintegrate under newer and more advanced breakthroughs, thought processes become relative to the spectator’s viewpoint.

Science has made so many life-altering advancements in recent times that what was once only possible in the realm of science fiction novels has now become commonplace and accepted as routine.

Yet, despite its ever-increasing excitement at scientific progression (especially in the field of robotics and self-replicating nanobots) mankind in general has trouble comprehending the vast and far-reaching implications of such a rapidly advancing technology.

Although some would like to draw clear lines of distinction between Metaphysics (which is predominantly concerned with recognizing and defining themes that go beyond the physical world) and nanotechnology (whose theories have the potential to encompass the corporeal and psychological sphere of our world as we know it), in actual fact neither, it seems, is very far removed from the other.

© Tatiana Velitchkov   About the Author:   Tatiana is the owner of the Ecophagy site and runs among many other sites


FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and MAKE YOUR FORTUNE when You unleash your amazing abilities in whatever You LOVE to do

In the last few years I was on “off mode”. Literally
“on pause”. Since I was quite ill I had to take it easy
& allow my body to re-charge in order to get better

You can see here the articles of mine that were
published before I became ill. The “off mode” has
now changed into “on mode”, meaning I am back.

Meaning I am here to take my life to the next stage –
simply by following my dreams & knowing that I’ll
make my fortune!

Many of the articles and products of my friend
Charles Burke has kept me alive during the hard times,
as well as the book of my dear friend John Harricharan:
Power Pause

While “on pause” I was reading a lot and researching
Alchemy, Kabala, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism,
Shamanism, Crystal Skulls and the healing properties of
the various minerals and gems. I’ll share my findings with
you on this in the comming months.

I fell in love with opals. From there I started cutting
and polishing this Queen of Gems. A friend of mine
who’s silver and gold smith made some terrific pieces
for me with my own opals, most of which I’ll keep
forever while others are for sale. You can see many
of the necklaces that I made with various stones,
gems and silver here . These are all originals & not to
be made again.

Now the time has come to get back to what I love most –
writing and by doing this – sharing what can be achieved
– easily and effortlessly and with pleasure!

Watch this blog closely – soon I’ll tell you about a great
step ahead in MANIFESTING… everything you want!
You’ll learn how to massively boost your affirmations,
your attraction work and your manifestations.

by Tatiana Velitchkov

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Special Help for Writers

If you are a writer than you probably
have been at one time or an other by the
space in between called “writers block”.

What I find helpful in such times is to
hold in my hands a stone called – Goethite.
Rainbow Goethite is the one that I prefer.


If you’re able to meditate it’s even better.
I have read and experienced that Goethite
provides balance and refreshes the user’s
love of life, and connection to the earth
and to others.

It helps the user to focus and avoid
distraction, so it is great for those
times when you need to concentrate.
Great for inventors, writers, artists
and teachers, this stone brings renewed
energy to the discovery process and connects
one to the music of the higher realm.

The other stone that helps against writer’s
blocks is Pyromorphite. This stone is said
brings wealth too, so if I were you I’d
certainly try to find these stones and put
them to use when needed…


by Tatiana Velitchkov

Friday, June 09, 2006



The Secret – What It IS?

Most probably many if you have heard about
The Secret, or have purchased the DVD, or
have seen the film online already on the site:

The film is very profound and it works for me,
as it does for the hundred of thousands of people
that have seen it and follow the guide lines to
achieve their dreams and regain their hope for
a far better life than they were able to believe in
before watching this film.

There are yahoo groups that members of
The Secret could join, and there is the forum
from the above mentioned site as well.

If you haven’t seen the movie as yet – DO IT!
This will be the greatest gift you could give
yourself, and you will be grateful you did!


Friday, June 09, 2006



Is RSS HOT or a Not?

Most probably many of you are using RSS feeds for your blogs or sites and have been happily
using it for sometime now? And so have
I with some of my blogs and sites, like Ecophagy
and MP3 Blog News and Downloads
And with a few new once like Hottest Music
and Celebrity-Stars

There has been a controversy lately started
by people who disagree with the use of software
that makes the use of RSS feeds so easy to use and
fill the blogs and web sites with quality content
while profiting from Google’s Adsense or Yahoo’s
Advertising Network. The same publishers do place
the feed option on their blogs or sites, and have no
problem while on occasion an article or two are used
by other bloggers.

There is a possibility that shortly many of such
bloggers will have special Copy Rights placed on
their RSS feeds making it illegal to keep using
their work on your blogs or sites. For reference
what I am talking about check please this blog

and this one

For me personally this issue is not an issue at all.
I would not mind if any of my posts are used by others
given of course that all my info and references will
be kept as on the sites these are taken from. What could
be a better exposure than this? And isn’t the Internet
meant to be an exchange place of info and links to begin

The following is from post #51,& Posted by: “new to rss
but not new to thinking” on one of the above links
to the web site with which I agree so

“Gee…. do we really want to create a brave new net where everything (every post, every search, every forum, every IM, every email, every webpage, every news snippet etc etc etc) comes with a EULA??? (Or worse comes with a warning that copyright infringment may be takling place unless such and such restriction have been met????? Think about it folks!

Free Software, Free Hardware, Free Music and yes… Free Knowledge”

Let see what will come out of all this. Let see
if our sites and blogs will become illegal or not,
and maybe we should start taking many of our RSS
feeds off. Or maybe start selling the sites that
are using RSS feeds and leave this to their next
owner. Or just simply burry our heads in the sand
and wait and see.

Talk to you soon folks and have a nice week ahead


Monday, October 16, 2006