Branches of Philosophy

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Philosophy is a Subject based on the Comprehensive Study of the Human Existence. Philosophy’s basic objective is to obtain a comprehensive justification of logical inferences, true human values, logical criteria for knowledge development and comprehensive interpretation of human life relative to nature. It also involves deep analysis of human problems in relation their social way of life and natural inhabitance. Philosophy always demands very deep and comprehensive studies on human life, nature and reality based on a subject of comprehensive study. Students of Philosophy are usually advised to be prepared for engagement in deep commitment during their studies.

Philosophy is a very unique field of study. It is unique in its subject content as field of study. It is also very far fetched in the methods of study that is applicable. Philosophy has a set of question for every situation experienced in the human life. It deeply examines logics, concepts and views drawn from science, art, religion, politics any field. In Philosophy the Theory of reality is called Metaphysics. The theory of knowledge is called Epistemology. The theory of moral values is called Ethics. The theory of legal rights and government is called Politics. The theory of arts is called Aesthetics.

There are other diversified systems of that also seek philosophical study, guidance and redress. The most common is religion. Religions like as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. What makes all these religions different is their difference in philosophy. They may be similar is some of the subject they address but they are very different in the method in which they address the issues. The way they address their mythic stories, the lessons taught, the beliefs and all the teachings taught are based on the philosophical approach. A philosophical study would reveal the method and the approach that each religion use to address a fundamental issue.

The foundation of philosophy was based on five major subjects. The first subject was logic. Logic is a study aimed at providing methods for clearly distinguishing between good and bad reasoning. The second subject is Ethics. Ethics is based on the study of addressing moral concepts such as actions, obligations, and justice that are based on the principles that guide moral decisions. Metaphysics is another subject of Philosophy. This subject analyses physical value to determine which one is physically relation to the human way of understanding. The other complex subject of philosophical study is Epistemology. This study is based on the study of the scope of knowledge relative to the human understanding. It justifies beliefs that go beyond the knowledge of the human understanding. The last Subject is the History of Philosophy. This study of Historical trends related to philosophy.

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