FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and MAKE YOUR FORTUNE when You unleash your amazing abilities in whatever You LOVE to do

In the last few years I was on “off mode”. Literally
“on pause”. Since I was quite ill I had to take it easy
& allow my body to re-charge in order to get better

You can see here the articles of mine that were
published before I became ill. The “off mode” has
now changed into “on mode”, meaning I am back.

Meaning I am here to take my life to the next stage –
simply by following my dreams & knowing that I’ll
make my fortune!

Many of the articles and products of my friend
Charles Burke has kept me alive during the hard times,
as well as the book of my dear friend John Harricharan:
Power Pause

While “on pause” I was reading a lot and researching
Alchemy, Kabala, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism,
Shamanism, Crystal Skulls and the healing properties of
the various minerals and gems. I’ll share my findings with
you on this in the comming months.

I fell in love with opals. From there I started cutting
and polishing this Queen of Gems. A friend of mine
who’s silver and gold smith made some terrific pieces
for me with my own opals, most of which I’ll keep
forever while others are for sale. You can see many
of the necklaces that I made with various stones,
gems and silver here . These are all originals & not to
be made again.

Now the time has come to get back to what I love most –
writing and by doing this – sharing what can be achieved
– easily and effortlessly and with pleasure!

Watch this blog closely – soon I’ll tell you about a great
step ahead in MANIFESTING… everything you want!
You’ll learn how to massively boost your affirmations,
your attraction work and your manifestations.

by Tatiana Velitchkov

Thursday, June 08, 2006

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