Special Help for Writers

If you are a writer than you probably
have been at one time or an other by the
space in between called “writers block”.

What I find helpful in such times is to
hold in my hands a stone called – Goethite.
Rainbow Goethite is the one that I prefer.


If you’re able to meditate it’s even better.
I have read and experienced that Goethite
provides balance and refreshes the user’s
love of life, and connection to the earth
and to others.

It helps the user to focus and avoid
distraction, so it is great for those
times when you need to concentrate.
Great for inventors, writers, artists
and teachers, this stone brings renewed
energy to the discovery process and connects
one to the music of the higher realm.

The other stone that helps against writer’s
blocks is Pyromorphite. This stone is said
brings wealth too, so if I were you I’d
certainly try to find these stones and put
them to use when needed…


by Tatiana Velitchkov

Friday, June 09, 2006



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