What Do We Think We Are?

© Tatiana Velitchkov


“We are better than you”. These are the convictions and attitudes that we cherish and treasure as human beings. However, why do we think we are better than others? Largely, such attitudes are brought about by how we are brought up socially, and partly politically; although, it’s the individual’s viewpoint that develop the fundamental perspective of collective social-cultural convictions against others. Apparently, it is these attitudes, paranoia and fear that we have adopted, leading to increased antagonism in the global environment.

Where can we find ourselves back? It’s from the roots of our personal standpoints in regard to how we perceive members of the human society that do not share social-cultural, and, or political commonness. Its through this we shall be able to appreciate others, and ultimately appreciate ourselves best. Or social mind’s eye manifested through our families, education system, religion, sports and creative arts, among others develops the social-cultural views that we possess within us. Communally engaging activities are among the most powerful vehicles of such development that largely shape and put into somebody various notions of our “human being”.

For sure, we are not immune to the external influence, especially from the modern culture. The modern culture that surrounds us brings forth compositional approaches and alternative social methodologies, but still we tend to be tethered around ethnocentrism among other divisiveness. Sadly, this has been cemented by the contemporary media which still tend to hold and show the human divisiveness such as racism, sexism and individualism, among others. The beauty of modern society is in appreciating human diversity. Not seeing yourself as “better than him”, but seeing him different from you. Through this we will be able to make today’s social baggage as an accepted standard of life, and enjoy life. Else, we become what we think we are.


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