Me in shooting action

Hi,   Tatiana Velitchkov is my name and KassandraPhotography, is my business website,

amsterdam 299a (2)

I show you pictures of me in action by making photo’s. The photo’s  are made bij my partner.

Willem mixed 1009

Willem Queensday2009 009

Im also intrested in metaphysic

Willem Taty 044 strange dimention Willem Taty 053grid Willem Taty 099

Photo’s  I im action to made Photo’s

amsterdam eos 025 amsterdam eos 033

amsterdam EOS 40D 094 amsterdam EOS 40D 104


Sample of the photo’s I like to make

citrine - saphire pendant yellow rose 049

In action


DSCF9641 enkhuizen EOS40D 099 enkhuizen EOS40D 116 enkhuizen EOS40D 119 enkhuizen EOS40D 121

One of my camera’s


enkuizen D60 834

The Ezine  I was have



My self

lely flrws 150ab

In action again

nat park EOS 029 nat park EOS 030  nat park EOS 056a

One of my macro pictures

opal marble flower 009

orchids EOS 40D 007

I lay down to make a picture

orchids EOS 40D 130 orchids EOS 40D 253

Me taken by my partner

taty me 059

Me in a hot baloon using 2 cameras at once

Willem Balloon vaart 047 Willem Balloon vaart 052 Willem Balloon vaart 056 Willem Balloon vaart 059

Macro Photography that are my specialety

Willem mixed 1004

To see picture I have made go to


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