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“A Philosophy Of Life” – Sigmund Freud

by Tatiana Velitchkov © 2009

Sigmund Freud is one of the most recognized influential thinkers of the twentieth century. Sigmund Freud took a bold look on whether psychoanalysis may lead to any exacting Weltanschauung and if it does, to what extent. Weltanschauung is the wish list of any human since he or she would like to accomplish even though it is in normal sense difficult to fulfill them. You settle when you believe in such a thing according to Sigmund Freud. You should be certain of what he would like to do your utmost after, and how you ought to plan passions and interests.

Weltanschauung favors science in particular as it cannot be specialized. Seemingly, this way of looking at things came very close to get general receipt in the last century. The present century should lift up the objection that weltanschauung is both empty and unsatisfying; it fails to notice the spiritual demands of human beings and his or her needs. The protestation can’t be supposed as such since the subject of scientific investigation is in the spirit and mind. Exclusive of psychology science would not be complete as the input of psychoanalysis to scientific discipline consists by large in having extended research to the ways of the mind.

Looking from the scientific point of view, human beings must put into use the critical powers in a certain bearing and should not be afraid to deny when need be. Science is a pasture of human intellectual activity while religion and philosophy are others all together. Therefore, science has no obstruction with them. Philosophy and Religion have an equal balance to the truth and every human being is free to choose where to draw his certainty and in what he shall place his conviction in. Art is almost and always harmless and beneficent as it is not up to anything else apart from true illusion.

While philosophy is not a science, it normally takes itself as if it is a science although to a certain degree, it makes use of the same manners. Philosophy does not have an instant affect on majority of the human beings. It interests only a few while the rest find it beyond their understanding. Religion puts forth its powers over the strongest sentiments of human beings; it takes the place of science, when science hardly exists. Religion gives the elucidation about the source and origin of the universe; it assures people of fortification, final happiness and guides people’s thoughts and actions by means of precepts through the forces of spiritual authority.

© Tatiana Velitchkov

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